About Us

As local builders we are committed to sustainable construction practices and we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and attention to fine detail.

Eckert Construction General Contracting

Jay Eckert Construction is a small family owned and operated Construction Company. As local builders we are committed to sustainable construction practices and we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship and attention to fine detail. We take pride in partnering with our clients to create beautiful buildings that are made to last.

We are Located in Western NY & PA, and offer the following services as a General Contractor:

While we are at home preforming the role of a general contractor, we also offer more expansive services. As a Design & Build company, we feel that one of our greatest assets is our ability to offer an integrated planning & construction process. We believe this integrated approach allows for buildings of the highest quality at the lowest cost.

Church ConstructionCustom-Built HomeCustom-Built Home

What sets us apart from other General Contractors?

I’m glad you asked. We believe that one of our greatest assets is our in-depth building experience. As a general contractor, we have been in business for over 37 years and while there is always more to learn; we have successfully completed countless projects and have developed a wealth of practical experience. We employ a committed full time crew of skilled carpenters, electricians, & plumbers and are fully capable of tackling every facet of construction from the ground up.

We believe in doing things right the first time and have built a reputation on it. There are many variables in construction, and for a successful outcome, it is vital for things to be done correctly and in the right order. With the constraints of time, money and weather, its easy to see why there are so many stories of building projects gone wrong. Often sound construction practices require a certain level of attention and patience. We feel that taking the time to make sure things are right from the beginning is well worth the effort, and in the long run pays dividends.

We focus on creating honest, open and healthy communication. Our ultimate goal is a satisfied customer, and our work is done only when it has met or exceeded your expectations. To that end, we strive to empower you with the experience and expertise essential for achieving your building goals, and look to partner with you in creating spaces that uniquely address your individual circumstances. As a general rule, we have come to find that the more involved our clients are in the process, the better the outcome. We take every opportunity to earn your trust and view clear communication as essential.

Our Services as a General Contractor

Custom Homes
Custom Home Builder

We specialize in creating custom homes specifically adapted to our client’s lifestyle. Building a new home is an exciting and engaging process and we work hard to provide our clients with the best experience possible.

Renovations & Additions
Renovations and Additions Service

A renovation or addition provides an opportunity to adapt a space to your needs. We have come to find that with attention to detail and a little creativity, any space can be transformed from something less than ideal, into a reflection of the way you really seek to live.

Home Restoration Service

There is a great deal of value in the character and history of older buildings. Too often, the essential maintenance and upkeep required to keep them sound has fallen by the wayside. We are experienced with updating and restoring older buildings and believe that dedication to quality craftsmanship is essential to the process.

Kitchen Remodels
Kitchen Remodel Service

In order to ensure a deliberate look and seamless integration, successful renovations and additions require attention to detail and technical expertise. This is especially true of kitchen remodels. Often many of these decisions are only able to be made on site as conditions are uncovered and require both a good plan and an experience and committed crew of skilled workers.

Bathroom Remodels
Bathroom Remodel Service

Bathrooms are another space that benefit greatly from extra attention. The functional elements of shower, tub, sink & toilet can often be combined with a wealth of materials to create engaging spaces that run the gamut of calm and relaxing to playful and dynamic. We bring extensive experience to bathroom design and remodeling.

Commercial Construction
Commercial Construction Service

Over the years we have served as a general contractor for several commercial projects and have extensive experience remodeling and building churches. We are well versed with the larger and often more complicated mechanical systems associated with these buildings and have working knowledge of relevant code and permitting requirements. We strive to provide our commercial clients with the oversight and cost control essential to achieving their goals.