Every project we take on is a testament to our values, acting as a vista into the very soul of the company. Through this, we work with our clients to create not just a home, but a work of art.

Forest House

The design of this home sought to create a strong connection to the forested hillside setting in the most dynamic way possible, while blending form and function as one. One of the most dominate features of the home is the extensive use of multiple angles that interweave the walls, railings, windows and trim in a stylized mimicry of the forest.

River house back view
River House

The clients had definite ideas about the home's layout and initial discussions centered on an open floor plan with large windows and decks, a sunken living room with a large fireplace, a master bedroom and bath located on the first floor, and a second floor with spare bedrooms above the garage.

1920s restoration front walkway
1920's Restoration

The home was originally built in the 1920’s along the south side of the Alleghany River following the completion of the Hickory Street Bridge in 1919. A beautiful building influenced by the Victorian style; the restoration sought to preserve the classic character of the home while modernizing the windows, kitchen and mechanicals.

One song bird lane during winter
Song Bird Lane

The 2013 Design + Build project was centered on a kitchen remodel and living-room addition. The original home was built by Jay Eckert Construction in 2000 and while the layout of the existing building was modest, it had several interesting features; including a wraparound deck and a combined kitchen & living great-room with a wood burning stone fireplace and cathedral ceiling.

Tree house connecting bridge
Tree House

The original inspiration was to create a “walk through the canopy experience”. We had first explored the idea of trying to do that vertically with a platform that hovered just above the treetops. This idea led to the final layout: two platforms (sleeping & viewing) connected by a bridge through the hedgerow.

Allegheny River house
Allegheny Eden

A large home on a beautiful stretch of the Allegheny river, this home was an original design by the homeowner. The owner sought our help in maximizing the layout, performing the necessary structural engineering and maximizing the efficiency of the build.

Jamestown Family Church view from pews
Family Church

The 18,000 square foot building was completed in the spring of 2010. The initial plans were roughly sketched in with only minimal detail. Working with the church, the architect, and a local engineer, we were able to fill in the planning gaps and help develop practical and cost effective solutions that translated the initial ideas into a successful building.

Modern woodland house
Woodland Hideaway

The goal of this home was a simple minimalist aesthetic with as many natural materials as possible. One of the highlights is an unfinished, unstained board and batten white pine siding. The design sought to balance the natural weathering of the pine, with the black window frames and dark gray fascia, soffit and metal roof.

Simplistic woodland house

Sometimes the best answers are the simplest. A desire for simplicity and connection to nature were driving forces in the creation of this home. Located on Six Mile creek just outside of Erie PA, the fantastic site boasts impressive old growth trees and a stunning view of the stream.

Cathedral kitchen
Cathedral Kitchen

The main goal of the design was to create an open and dynamic kitchen & dining room area that would serve as the center of the home. In addition, it was very important that the new space blend with the existing house and feel like it was intended from the beginning. The design also sought to achieve some of the same interest and character as the original half-round nook.

Lake house interior
Lake House

This 2014 project started as a simple kitchen remodel and deck addition. The owners had recently purchased an older home with a great location on Chautauqua Lake and were looking to update the kitchen and create an open floor plan. The remodel quickly developed into a much more substantial project as the work revealed aspects of the existing cottage that had serious underlying problems.

Loft addition remodel
Loft Addition

The original home was a small ranch style house. The house had been moved from a previous location and while a very simple layout, had no special affinity for the site. The clients came to us looking for ways to add on, and felt that as a family with young children, the house was simply too cozy for comfort. Of chief concern was a new master bedroom and bath and there was also interest in adding a larger dining room, new deck, office and playroom.

Pool house build
Pool House

This pool house was an addition to a barn / garage that sought to increase the use and function of the pool by adding a kitchen and living room space that directly connected to it. Future allowances for a bathroom with a large open shower for clean up after swimming and large additional storage spaces were also included.