Allegheny Eden

Zawacki exterior


A large home on a beautiful stretch of the Allegheny river, this home was an original design by the homeowner. The owner sought our help in maximizing the layout, performing the necessary structural engineering and maximizing the efficiency of the build.


Sited with a commanding view of the Allegheny, one of the main goals of the home was to maximize the home’s exposure to the river with an expansive main floor covered patio and soaring second floor deck. A series of custom designed and fabricated steel trusses support a cascade of gabled peaks that cover these exterior spaces.

In addition to the exterior spaces, the home sought to maximize utility. A large integrated three car garage with a stairway to the basement provides an extraordinary amount of storage. The home can also be entirely heated with wood thanks to a large custom wood burning fireplace on the main floor and a wood burning furnace in the basement. And last but not least, the crown jewel of the build is the minimalist main stairway. A single steel spine supports custom made and engraved maple treads with a cable railing that just disappears.

Cast & Crew